Making the Matrix

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We are witnessing the creation of the Matrix: a computer-programmed reality that our consciousness will be able to occupy. Through that creation, we may learn more about our own origins…

In 1977, author Philip K. Dick revealed to the world that he believed we existed in a computer-programmed reality - a simulation. Dick explained that most of his stories came from his experiences from within this simulation. During dreams, Dick believed he was glimpsing alternate realities that had spun off form our current timeline. Dick’s statements are now supported not only by some of today’s best minds, but also by our current advancements in technology. What our tech shows us today is that this is possible!

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The Creation of the Matrix

What does it take to create the Matrix? In this podcast, Dennis reviews modern-day articles describing the technology being utilized to create a simulation. Scientists are now creating artificial embryos and synthetic minds. AI is being taught by DARPA to have common sense. Elon Musk is working on connecting the brain to the cloud. Additionally, data is being gathered on a massive scale that will give a computer the ability to recreate just about every aspect of this reality. Could this be the real agenda behind the massive surveillance we are subjected to? We are moving towards the creation of a simulated universe. But as we move towards that goal, we also see strong evidence that suggests we may already be living within a simulation. With that possibility, this suggests that there may be people among us who are actually projections from within the system and not people at all. What role might they play? Dennis explores this in detail and the information will astound you!

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