Govt. UFO Docs LEAKED!

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If true, these leaked documents lend strong credibility to the validity of Col. Corso’s book, the Roswell Crash, the Alien Autopsy video and the Secret Space program…

With the recent leak of UFO related content, we see notes from conversations between Former DIA Director Admiral Thomas Wilson and Government Scientist Eric Davis. Many names are mentioned and we are given a glimpse of the secrecy surrounding the UFO phenomenon. It seems, according to the leaked documents, that a very small group of scientists and engineers have been working to back-engineer UFO technology which they claim are “not made by human hands.” In essence, they are saying these craft are extraterrestrial.

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Disclosure is gradually happening via mainstream sources with credible and official witness testimony. What these leaked documents tell us is that a craft was recovered in the late 40s (Roswell). That technology was farmed out to private companies for the purpose of back-engineering the tech. An “alien” (non-human) body was recovered and autopsied, as depicted in the popular 90s video, Alien Autopsy. Colonel Corso was telling the truth. Dr Greer has been providing real information. The secret space program may exist and we are not alone on this planet.

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More Questions:

There are still more questions to be asked, and although this information seems incredibly exciting, we must proceed with caution. Assuming this leak is real, how do we know these beings are extraterrestrial? What is the source of that information? Just because the being looks different or told someone it was an alien, doesn’t mean it was an alien. Deception runs rampant in this realm. Corso suspected these creatures were some form of android, designed as the operational component of the spacecraft to survive long-term space travel. But are they alien? Could they be inter-dimensional? Could they be Earth-based? Who or what designed them? Why is this information being released now? What is their connection to AI, and are they related to the surge in AI development on the planet? The list goes on, but there is still much work to be done. Keep asking questions!!!

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