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The existence of UFOs have finally been acknowledged by the US government and mainstream media. But the story is incomplete… Why aren’t we having more conversations about who may (or may not be) flying these craft?

Over the past 2 weeks, the New York Times and the Washington Post have released articles discussing the existence of UFOs. In the Times article, US Navy Pilot Lt. Ryan Graves explains the capabilities he personally observed on multiple occasions. What we need to keep in mind is that Graves, and every one of his colleagues, are trained pilots. They are intimately aware of the capabilities of the worlds aircraft, and when they make statements explaining the UFOs they are seeing far exceed the capabilities of any known aircraft in the world’s fleet, we need to pay attention!

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What is NOT being said?

According to the Times article, “(n)o one in the Defense Department is saying that the objects were extraterrestrial, and experts emphasize that earthly explanations can generally be found for such incidents…” We need to be cautious as consumers of the previous statement. We also need to recognize that no one in the Defense Department is saying that the object’s weren’t extraterrestrial. And who are the “experts” that are emphasizing earthly explanations? What are those explanations? Why didn’t the Times article elaborate, explore, or at least ask the question?

A Gradual Disclosure?

There is obviously more to the story, and these incidents go back much farther than 2014. With modern UFO reports dating back to Roswell in 1947 (and much further back into antiquity), there are a wealth of witnesses abound to question and further an investigation. It’s exciting that the mainstream and government are finally releasing information about the subject and acknowledging their existence. But why are we only getting part of the story? Maybe a slow, controlled dissemination is best for the public. Maybe this approach serves as a distraction to a bigger aspect of the story. Or maybe the answer is known and they are intentionally withholding it for some unknown reason… What is perplexing, however, is that our mainstream journalists, who are supposed to be experts at developing a story, are not asking such questions with the intensity one would expect from an independent and free press…

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