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The US Navy is implementing a policy on how pilots should report UFO sightings and evidence suggests the government has been studying the blood of alien abductees. How is this connected to DNA collecting companies, Google, and big Pharma? How will this impact our future?

The topic of UFOs has been gradually making their way into the mainstream, piece by piece. What was once a rigid narrative of denial and ridicule has now gained mainstream acknowledgment and recognition - at least partially. The US Navy is now developing policy on how to report UFOs, but what does that mean? In addition, as information regarding the Pentagon’s AATIP program is released, it seems as if the government has taken an interest in the blood work of people claiming to have been abducted by UFOs…

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DNA, Google, 23 & Me, Big Pharma

What is so important about DNA? It is the genetic code that determines everything about us. Why would Big Pharma have an interest in and spend $300 Million in a deal with 23&Me, a company that collects DNA to provide genetic information to its clients? Why would Google have an interest in our DNA? Could this be related to the information gathered through the AATIPs research into the bloodwork of abductees? What could they possible want with the information encoded in our DNA?

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