Fear - A Gatekeeper & A Teacher

Fear may be one of our greatest inhibitors. It keeps us locked into a state stagnation and can serve to limit growth, progress, and movement. However, fear may also serve as one of the greatest and most essential teaching-tools ever brought into existence.

FEAR! We all have it, and have experienced it throughout our lives. We have common fears: death, public speaking, spiders, etc. And we have more personal fears: rejection, body image, loneliness, etc. But what purpose do they serve? Do we experience fear just to limit us, make us feel afraid or down? Or is there a greater purpose behind it?

In this podcast, Dennis shares some of his personal experiences with fear, to include how he faced the appearance of strange, dark visitors in the night. In addition, he reviews the accounts and testimony of Will Smith, Whitley Strieber, and others who have encountered fear, faced it, and grown from it. Fear has the potential to limit us, offering an allure of protection and safety as long as we avoid it. But when we stare into the core of fear, we look at the core of ourselves. We explore our own vulnerability, and through that exploration we find strength, we find evolution, an we find liberation.

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

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