Projections from Within the Matrix

If we are conscious creators, then some suggest we are continually creating everything within this reality. Is it possible that we are also being manipulated through our own consciousness to co-create this physical reality?  Is it possible that this is one giant learning machine? Lastly, Dolores Cannon speaks about "Backdrop People," who are empty shells that fill this matrix. Do they exist? 

Dolores Cannon states that prior to coming to a location like a building, those who are attending consciously create the building. She also states that when they leave, the building disappears. This podcast explores her statements and other evidence of this possibility. Much like Schrodinger's Cat, infinite possibilities may exist in this universe, but we may only be able to perceive one possibility in this current reality based on the choices we make.

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BackDrop People

If we are living in a simulation or virtual reality-matrix, is it possible that some of the people in this reality are part of that simulation? As the movie Inception describes the mental projections in the dream world, do they exist here as well? If so, what function do they serve? As we heard on last week's podcast with Shelley, we have the ability to shift our consciousness to the physical body/perceptions of another. Do these "backdrop people" serve as vehicles to allow for shifts in perception? Or are they agents of the system, allowing for the manipulation of given areas by the Matrix for purposes that serve the system?

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