Facing Death

Through death we learn about ourselves and our mortality. It teaches us the hardest lessens and forces reflections of our choices, mistakes, regrets, and goals. We can use it as a tool for growth or let it consume us in grief.

Death is something every single one of us will experience. We will all face the loss of a loved one and one day we will all ultimately leave this physical existence. Death is difficult, sad, and sometimes traumatic. Why? In exploring the emotions and questions that come from death, we may gain insight into a deeper understanding of the human condition. In this episode, Dennis reviews some of his experiences and lessons learned through the death of his father.

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Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers is a space weatherman who has demonstrated incredible success and credibility with his formulas for predicting weather and earthquakes by tracking solar activity. He has found a correlation between solar activity and earth events to include weather, earthquakes, human health, and now pole shifts. In this Podcast, Dennis reviews Bens recent warnings that we are facing a pole shift with catastrophic potential in the next 14 months. Please take the time to review Bens data.

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