Reiki & Energy Work

We have an energetic component to our bodies - an electromagnetic field that runs through us and surrounds us. This field is directly connected to our intuition. It is also directly connected to our health. If we continually neglect this aspect of our being, we are ignoring a critical aspect of our own wellness...

This week Dennis shares his experience of a Reiki session he had with former guest, Rose, the Happy Medium of ZenErgy Day Spa. Dennis shares the power of the energy-work today, and describes the two beings that appeared just prior to the session's beginning! In addition, Dennis discusses the importance of paying attention to the energetic aspects of our bodies, how we can care for it, and how we can improve our natural intuitive abilities.

"The way the Universe works - it reinforces what you feel. By saying I wish I felt better, you're telling the Universe 'I am not better.' Instead, focus on what it feels like to be better. Embrace that feeling and let it envelop you. That communicates to the Universe that you are better." By asking the Universe/God/Angels to heal you - you are reinforcing that you are not well. (Please make me well = I'm still not well.) There is a healing energy all around us, but we need to understand the language of that energy which is directly connected to intent, feeling, and belief.

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AI is continuing to evolve. This week, another Google executive warns AI could steal more jobs, AI is compared to alchemy, and AI may be able to predict your personality just by reading your eyes. Furthermore, a Google AI researcher reveals that technicians and programmers are unaware as to exactly how AI reaches certain levels of learning, leaving it to evolve by unknown means. AI is evolving at a rapid rate - and we don't fully understand it as we should. Proceed with caution...

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