UFOs Over Vegas & Proof of the Matrix

At just a few miles away from Area 51, each evening Art of A&K Skywatchers hones his abilities to record something magnificent in the nights sky over Vegas. Are they secret government craft or something else???

At 70 years old, a retired truck driver has possibly uncovered something incredible. An inspiring Truth-Seiker, Art has continued to enhance his equipment, knowledge, and photographic skills to capture large craft with what seems to be advanced propulsion systems over the skies of Vegas, just a few miles from Area 51. Art hopes his discoveries will motivate others to take the the skies and record what they are seeing with open minds. (Check back soon for video footage!!!)

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Are We Living in a Simulation?

This week, Dennis shares two very unique experiences that may lend support to the argument that we are living in a simulation. One involves the manifestation of a rainbow right in front of Dennis, almost on request, hinting that the Universe is somehow responsive to specific emotional requests. The other, seems a bit more scary as Dennis recounts an experience where targeted ads suddenly appeared on his phone that seemed to mirror, word-for-word, the thoughts he was having. Dennis never queried these things or spoke about them online, so how did AI know to target those specific ads? Can our phones read our minds? You decide...

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Nature and the Universe communicates to us through signs and symbols. We've just forgotten how to listen. It is our emotions and intentions that speak, not our words.


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