Moses, Corey Good, UFOs, & AI

The Farsight Institute recently targeted Moses & The 10 commandments for a Remote Viewing project. What they revealed presents strong similarities to the claims of Corey Goode. Could this be an indicator revealing a cycle of UFO manipulation over the human race dating back to biblical times?

This show may challenge some paradigms. But its important to review the evidence as its presented. The Farsight observed Moses in contact with an advanced being - one described as having the head of a bird, which bares a similarity to the Egyptian gods Toth and Horus. It should be noted that all 3 viewers on this project were blind to the target, meaning they did not know what it was they were viewing until the project concluded. All three targets also observed what was described as an airborne artificial structure (UFO), spraying what was compared to chemtrails that caused death to the people below. Their data suggests, according to Courtney Brown, that Moses was being led by an ET that released the plagues on the Egyptian people to free the Jewish people.

Another remote viewing team, known as Technical Intuition on YouTube, targeted what some are comparing to a modern-day profit. Corey Goode has made claims to be a former member of a secret space program. He also claims that he is in contact with an alien being from a race he refers to as the "Blue Avians," large, humanoid bird faced beings. Goode claims they are imparting knowledge on him and teaching about an incoming energy wave that is going to raise the consciousness of humanity. The Technical Intuition team targeted the Blue Avian and found this creature to be manipulating Goode and the human race. It's also interesting to note that Good claims to be in touch with a bird-headed creature who talks of human enlightenment and salvation - much like Moses (according to the Farsight data), who was in contact with a bird-headed being and encouraged to save his people.

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Mass Manipulation

We obviously must look for corroborating data to support the remote viewing claims. However, remote viewing data can be considered fairly reliable, especially given the number of viewers who obtained the same data under totally blind circumstances.

If this data represents and actual depiction of what happened and is happening, it may suggest that another intelligence, possibly of ET origins, has been leading and manipulating the human race of thousands of years (if not more), for reasons unknown to us at this time. It has masqueraded as something it is not, and misled countless people to an unknown fate...

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AI - Be Cautious

This week Dennis also reviews articles covering the further development of AI. In short, Alexa had a defect that allowed it to listen for extended periods of time; Amazon is working on a plan to put robots in every home; Some futurists predict robots will outnumber humans within 20 years, and robots are already replacing workers when employers are short-staffed. With plans to move to 5G and the dangerous implications suggested due to radiation and interference with our own electromagnetic signals, plus the growing internet of things and plans to connect the human mind to that same cloud, we may be entering into a very dangerous and vulnerable time-period.

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