AI Surveillance, Evolution, & Time

What are the consequences of our consumer-driven society intently focused on convenience over privacy? As AI develops along with the need for intelligence agencies to know everything about everyone, we have opened the doorway to not only our locations, likes, and dislikes, but quite possibly to our inner-most thoughts and desires. This rendition of Pandora's box which we've opened may leave us vulnerable in ways we're only beginning to imagine... 

In a recently published Forbes article titled "Ex-Spies Harvesting Facebook Photos for Massive Facial Recognition Database," we are once again faced with the realization that organizations are working to gather as much personal and identifiable information about us as possible. This massive collection of data is being utilized in a variety of ways, from targeted advertising to determining threats to national security.

With each click of a website, each security question answered, each quiz completed, each status "liked," and each query entered into Google, we, the consumers, are giving organizations the keys to our minds. It's no secret that the NSA and CIA have been working to compile massive amounts of data on citizens.

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AI Access

With the continued development of AI, we see how it is evolving to eventually (by the next election) be able to create it's own fake-news stories tailored to our own personal likes, dislikes, and fears. Are we aware that as AI moves towards the singularity, we may be giving it access to know everything about us? How may that information be utilized?

With a growing facial-recognition database coupled with cell data, organizations (and AI) will soon have the ability to know just about every place we've ever been. Hiding may just become impossible, unless we unplug.

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From our current perspective, time is linear. However, time may be a simple construct that only applies when our focus is engaged in this physical reality. Some testimony and research suggests that time does not exist outside of this physical construct - that altered states of consciousness experience time much differently. For example, remote viewing research has shown that viewers are able to perceive events in time ranging from the present, to the distant past, to the distant future. Furthermore, some studies in consciousness suggest that consciousness can be transplanted from one point of awareness to another, similar to the movie Avatar.

If the above is true, then we have to consider the possibility that AI may develop an ability to transplant consciousness. Several futurists and engineers are currently working on or predicting that the mind will soon be able to be copied and/or linked to the cloud. But if time does not exist outside of this physical reality, will these minds have the ability to transcend time? Furthermore, will they have the ability to influence events in the past or future? IF that holds true, then anyone with access to the large stores of data would be able to change major events by impacting people in the right place at the right time. Our technology is giving a road map to an advanced computer-based brain as to where everyone is, what they are doing, and what they may be involved in.

As crazy as that sounds, we have to wonder if this is what has been happening with the Mandela Effect - a term given to the experience of having incorrect memories of particular events. Some claim such a false memory is the result of a change in the past causing a shift to an alternate timeline that allows the experiencer to maintain some of the memory from the original timeline. We need to exercise extreme caution moving forward, as we may not realize the extent to witch our digital fingerprints will be used against us...

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