Dangers of Useful Tech & Manipulations for War

As technology evolves, we are becoming more and more dependent. But some of these advancements are a scary threat to freedom and individual liberties. 

Recently in China, a man was captured at a music concert amongst a crowd of 60,000 people. How did they catch him? Through a pair of sunglasses and a system of cameras that employed facial recognition software. In Japan, a mayoral candidate is proposing to replace politicians with AI robots. Additionally, members of the AI community are debating over how to identify AI robots, and whether or not to give them rights. For a robot treated as an individual citizen would be culpable for any misdoings it performs, leaving the manufacturers and programmers free from blame and restitution.

Our current event periodicals are reading like excerpts from the works of Philip K. Dick. However, these science fiction sounding stories are now our reality. We are rapidly being thrust into a new age, yet may not be taking the time necessary to evaluate how best to incorporate these advancements into our society. We may want to throw caution into the wind, consider the benefits and consequences of these technologies before we reach a point of no return filled with regret.

We need to be more mindful of the dangers behind the ease of technology we support as consumers. As fun, and beneficial as they are, the amount of personal data we have revealed about ourselves through online habits and social media leaves us incredibly vulnerable. What'e interesting, is that this may have been the plan by intelligence agencies all along. According to a 2004 article, the government initially had plans to collect enough data to know "everything about everyone." The project was officially scrapped, but FaceBook, it seems, has done just that...

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Another War?

On Friday, April 13, 2018, President Donald Trump announced he had launched Tomahawk missiles towards Syria in response to reports of the alleged chemical weapons attacks by the Assad regime against the Syrian people. However, we need to exercise caution before offering support for yet another potential conflict.

One only has to study a high school history book to learn of both the lies and propaganda utilized by governments, to include the United States government, to sway the will of the people to support, finance, and fight in a war. World War 1 saw a push for involvement out of fear the German U-Boat attacks would affect the trade routes for a small number of American Investors. Vietnam we had the staged Gulf of Tonkin which was utilized to grant President Johnson the power to direct the course of the war. The Pentagon Papers revealed the lies told over decades to secretly fuel this secret war. Are we seeing this happening again?

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Be Afraid! 

David Wilcock has made several statements describing a war within Washington. He identifies 2 competing sides as the Cabal and the Alliance. Prior to President Trump being elected, Wilcock made claims of these two factions, and stated that many members of the Cabal would soon be brought to justice.

Just this week, we saw former FBI Director Comey's book released apparently containing very damaging details about Trump, comparing him to a "Mob Boss." We heard reports of an alleged chemical attack on Syrian people. Mueller and the FBI raided Trumps attorney. More members of Trumps team announced resignations. Trump authorized the bombing of Syria. We now wait for Russia's response. At a minimum, we can see that there are at least two separate agendas fighting for control of Washington and the US Government. We also know that #fakenews runs rampant and some of these alleged attacks in Syria lack evidence. We have to wonder if we, the American People and citizens of the world are once again being misled. We need to take the time to evaluate the evidence from a multitude of sources and not just accept the mainstreams narrative. We need to be mindful that there are massive deceptions at work here. However, if we can end the division amongst ourselves and advocate for peace over war, we may be able to change the direction of the rapidly declining situation.

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