Climate Change and Antisemitism

An interesting article was posted by the Washington Post today titled "What a D.C. lawmaker’s inbox looks like after saying Rothschilds control the climate." I'd invite you to go read the article. It's fascinating on a number of levels.

The article focuses on a young DC council member named Trayon White. He posted the following video on Facebook and it created a storm of controversy. When Jewish people hear comments like this, they naturally hear the words of the Nazis in 1930s Germany. For many. words like this are gateways to the Holocaust.

There are, however, two glaring challenges with this article and the controversy that surrounds it. The first was White's calling out the Rothschild family. The second deals with the summary dismissal of climate control in this article. These are both controversial topics.

Let's deal with the Rothschild reference first. We need to find a way on this planet to talk about real issues that impact all of us without summarily dismissing people by labeling them. It's true the Rothschild family is likely blamed by some in the conspiracy realm for things they have no control over. Does the Rothschild family control the weather? I can honestly say I don't know whether they do or not. Someone is and we'll get to that in a moment.

I can say that Rothschild interests and those of other uber wealthy families have been major players involved in funding war and chaos on this planet and in pushing super national governments as the answer to the problem their activities have helped generate. I would certainly say that climate change has been a key plank in that platform for super national governments.

I don't think the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and others have used their power to nefarious ends because they are Jewish. Believing that would be antisemitism. I think they do it because they have far too much wealth, power, and influence relative to the other seven billion people on this planet - Jewish people included.

I think, from their perspective, putting what they have at risk to the whims of election systems, and here today gone tomorrow politicians seems foolish. So, along with other uber wealthy and royal families around the world, they have created a kind of cabal that controls too many things on this planet. It's not a "Jewish" cabal. It's a cabal of uber generational wealth from around the planet trying to hold on to what they have.

Where this comes to conflict is that we no longer live in an age where they can't easily control the flow of information any longer, though they're still trying. 

Here's the thing. We need to be able to talk about these topics and name these names, not all Jewish by the way, who wield this power over the rest of humanity without automatically being shouted down as ANTISEMITIC.

Note that Mr. White did not say anything about the Rothschilds being Jewish. Yet, his comments were immediately framed that way in the Washington Post article and elsewhere in the media. The message? Don't talk about the fact there are families who dominate this planet unless you want to have this horrible label thrown upon you loudly and publicly. 

Let me be clear. I don't think "Jews run the world." I do think that some of the families in this uber elite do happen to be Jewish and they just happen to be more well-known in the west than some of their counterparts elsewhere in the world.

So how are we to have these honest discussions about people running all of our lives to unacceptable level without being called antisemitic? It's almost to the point that this is a kind of shield for their activities warming people away from looking into it or talking about it.

It's analogous to saying I can't be critical of the NBA without being racist since many of the players in the NBA are African-American. Most people would find it nonsense to automatically make criticism of the NBA the same as racism. Why do we make accept in the case of the uber wealthy families?

Enough on that. Let's get to climate change. As I said above, regardless of what is actually causing climate change, it has been used a lever - along with the threat of terrorism - to manipulate politics on this planet toward more powerful super national institutions and limit free speech.

Who or what is causing climate change? Well, the conventional wisdom is you are. Your car, your house, your breathing are all, according to the experts, responsible for undermining the well-being of global climate. Even questioning or discussing other possible causes lands you in almost as much trouble as talking about the power of the uber wealthy. Is that coincidence?

Seriously, think for a moment. Are there any other two topics that you are so roundly, universally, and immediately shunned for? Even UFOs don't measure up. They'll laugh at you for believing that. There are people ready to shut down your free speech or even imprison you for asking about the uber elite or climate change. Interesting.

While those coincidences are not easy to prove, the fact that weather modification technology does and has existed and been used for decades is beyond dispute. The technology does exist. The questions are: Is anyone using it systematically? If they are, to what ends?

Need proof that weather modification is a fact? The mainstream media is not going to tell you about this. I don't think the Rothschilds are controlling the weather. I do think the weather is being controlled. Famous and popular scientist, Michu Kaku thinks so too.

Now do you think the Pentagon and others have technology not being talked about on CBS This Morning? Notice how they correct him with "allegedly" when he spoke of Operation Popeye - discussed below.

What I do think you must ask is whether people who have so much to protect would allow a technology as powerful as weather modification to exist without having some control of it? You might argue these are private companies or governments not researching these technologies not banks. Who funds governments and companies of all sizes all over the planet? Banks.

Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen acknowledges weather weaponry.

The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) acknowledges that the HAARP Array in Alaska was used to "manage the ionosphere."

The geoengineering happening can even be seen from space. People will say these are airline contrails or odd cloud formations. Anyone who says that has never stood for hours at a time watching planes not going from Boston to St. Louis go back and forth across the sky in a given area. In 2007, the activity became so heavy over our rural Kansas town that I began taking pictures and put up a website. Within a few days, months and months of trails stopped and did not start again for almost three years.