Conscious Creative Power

The wold is not what it seems - many things don't fit our narrative of how the world should be. We need to stop dismissing anomalies and start exploring them, we come up with a much different explanation...

There is so much we don't understand about ourselves: consciousness; the purpose of life; what happens after physical death. We trudge blindly through our existence, ignoring the many clues and glimpses of what may lie beyond the physical, sometimes even offering ridicule to those who claim to have witnessed or experienced something that may shed some insight.

Dr. Karla Turner - The UFO Masquerade

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The Afterlife...

Bob Monroe provided us with a beautiful description of his experience in studying life after death. The Monroe institute offers the Lifeline Program, where students learn to explore the after-life state and help people transition. In his last book, Far Journey's, Monroe explained that people often get pulled into the belief systems - realities created by collective beliefs (ie Heaven). In the Spiritual Directive Planning Document, William Buhlman states "millions of consensus realities exist created by the collective thoughts of the inhabitants." He continues, "Our state of consciousness and our emotional frequency will influence the reality experienced in the afterlife." Ultimately - we, as humans, are collectively creating our own realities and shared realities to experience in the afterlife - and quite possibly in the physical as well. It is our beliefs that shape reality, which may explain why the news networks and Hollywood are constantly spreading fear and seeding apocalyptic ideas. They have restrained, harnessed, and focused our own creative power to generate the world in which they want.

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Immortality and Consciousness?

Last week, the podcast discussed how humans will be able to live forever by 2045 through uploading their minds or consciousness to a cloud or machine. Such an idea was inconceivable 30 years ago. However, in reviewing the late Karla Turner's final book, Masquerade of Angels, she wrote of an abduction experience involving several clones of a single person, and having his consciousness transferred into a mysterious black box before being placed in a clone body. Such an idea seemed implausible at the time, yet today, we find top scientists and engineers claiming this will be done within our lifetime. Looking into the research of Graham Hancock in his book, Supernatural, he talks of the research of Jaques Valee into Faery lore. Historic claims talk of the Faery Babe, with parents claiming their baby was stolen in the night and replaced with a different child that was somehow different. Is this early evidence of the cloning and consciousness transfer mentioned by Turner? Is this the same concept proposed with today's scientists speak of transferring the mind?

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The AI Signal

In a recent presentation, Corey Good talked about his contacts with Extra Terrestrials. He claims they have told him about a negative signal that is flowing through the universe, referred to as the Luciferian Energy that comes from another reality. Good states that this signal is a form of AI, which aims to enslave the minds of other life-forms. It is what created religion and the rigid structure of life as we know it today. Although some of his claims seem fantastic, they do parallel a lot of other relevant research. Good states that a shift in consciousness is taking place, and we can expect a solar flash that will allow us to connect to higher realities. Although it sounds new-agey, could this be the main reason for the surge and push to connect us with AI? Is our tech being driven by this deep AI-signal in order to shift us into another signal that allows the AI to continue it's hold on our consciousness? As crazy as it sounds, there may be something to this, as explained in greater detail in the podcast.

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