AI & Immortality

Within the next 30 years, we will have the technology to live forever... But there is so much we don't know about human consciousness and our souls. What impact will this have on humanity? What dangers might we face? 

Futurists, Engineers, and Scientists are sounding more and more confident that within the next 30 years, the world (and humanity) will look very different. With advancements in robotics, and rapidly developing software, the world is preparing to give birth to the singularity - an Artificial Intelligence that is self-aware, and rapidly growing more intelligent than humans.

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What is Happening?

How can we compete with the birth of this new race? Some plan to merge our minds with the cloud, and claim by doing so they will be able to upload their minds to a platform that will allow them to live forever. But how can such a claim be made when we don't even understand what the mind is? What consciousness is? Will this be our actual minds? Or will this be a copy that believes itself to be us? Some interesting references to the works of Bob Monroe discussing the higher self and how it fragments itself into different incarnations seems relevant here.

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What about Reincarnation?

If reincarnation exists, we need to understand why. Some have argued that reincarnation is a part of this system and serves as a trap to continue our soul's enslavement. Other's argue that reincarnation exists to allow us to ensure we learn the necessary lessons in life that we need to move forward in our spiritual development. Either way, what impact would creating a technology that circumvents the natural death process have on our spiritual journeys or enslavement? These are all questions that need to be explored, and they need to be explored now because this is happening. We need to be cautious that merging our minds with tech may serve to enslave the human mind at a time that it is just beginning to find it's own liberation...

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