Cataclysm, Happiness, & UFOs

We are continually bombarded with fear-based stories. Although some of those stories may be valid, we need to ask ourselves: when the end comes, will we be proud of the lives we've led, or will we hold regrets from the limits we allowed based on our fears?

The End is near! The End is near! Nuclear war. Global Warming. Civil Unrest. EMP blasts. Famine. Revolution. Russia. Trump. Ebola. Plague. Terrorism! There is so much to be afraid of, its amazing anyone leaves their homes anymore. Should we be dedicating every waking moment to preparing for the worst-case scenario? How would our lives change?

If a worst-case scenario were to happen, and we survived, what would our reflections of lives before the event be like? Would we be thankful that we dedicated that time to prepare? Or would we hold some serious regret at not taking advantage of the time we did have to enrich our lives and enjoy what is around us?

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Be Prepared but Find Happiness

As life continues on, there is no doubt that bad things, and possibly catastrophic things, are going to happen. It is important to be aware of these potential events. It is important to be prepared for an emergency. However, it is equally important to ensure we are enjoying the lives we have in the face of such potential fearful moments, otherwise, we'll find that our fear of potential will have limited our chances for an enriching and fulfilling life.

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Washington Post talks UFOs

We've seen another main-stream article recognizing the existence of UFOs in the past week. Christopher Mellon, former assistant deputy secretary of defense for intelligence for Clinton and George W Bush, and advisor of the To The Stars Academy, talks of more UFO sightings by the US military, and the lack of response by the government. Mellon explains that UFO sightings have continued to occur and increase over the past 20 years, but the government is doing nothing about them. According to Mellon (and others), the craft maneuver in ways the US and its allies are incapable of duplicating without any observable propulsion systems. Mellon states we don't know who they are or where they come from. They could be from Russia, or China, or they could be alien craft, Mellon explains.

However, what's misleading about this article is that Mellon makes no mention of other "whistle blowers." Colonel Corso, former DoD Pentagon soldier who claims to have worked on the technology recovered from the Roswell Crash, and Dr. Grier and his list of government witnesses - people with access to classified information who testified they worked on secret programs addressing the alien presence on Earth. The team at To The Stars makes no mention of these disclosures, as if they have no knowledge of these programs.

It is exciting to see The Washington Post publish a real story about UFOs, along with actual video. However, the journalists in the mainstream should be tearing this story apart and asking these simple questions in order to shed light on the true objectives here between the government and To The Stars. Since they're not, however, it's up to us to keep questioning and sharing what we find...

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