Are You Putting First Things First?


There's a phrase that's been around for centuries, but was popularized by the motivational business speaker Stephen Covey. That phrase is "First things first" or "Put first things first." It was the Third Habit in Covey's best selling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

First things is a concept related to the Latin word principia from which we derive the word principles. Principia are those things that are first, foundational, most important. These are juxtaposed with trivialities. Those are things, if we let them, that that will fill up our lives and keep us away from the principles that are at the core of our being.

I ask you. Do you put first things first? As a culture, do we put first things first? Or, are we swept along by one triviality after another that sucks the life out of our personal dreams and our species' highest aspirations?

Covey developed an ingenious and now famous demonstration for this idea. It involved putting big rocks first. Big rocks represent our first things, our principia. Small rocks represent the the trivial. Let's watch as he has an audience member do the experiment.

Now let's a consider a more profound question. If we look at our popular culture, mainstream media, even many of our institutions, what are they promoting? Are they encouraging you to pursue profound goals or are they persistently distracting you with trivial and often fear-based content?

I think we can all agree they're promoting the latter. I mean really. Do The Kardashians, Sports Center, or cable news talking heads really inspire you to make the most of your life?

So, if we fill our minds, our hearts, and our souls with that kind of stimulus 24/7, what outcome can we expect? Can we expect to see the best in ourselves, the best in each other, and hope for the future? I think not.

The popular culture is filled with the empty mental calories of triviality. You cannot expect to give your time and your energy to that and get the results you want in your life.

You're here on a mission, my friends. I believe it's a mission of your choosing in a realm far beyond this the world of matter. You're here in this time and place because you wanted to make a difference. You wanted to have a hand in lifting humanity out of the mud of history and into the light of a new future.

Put first things first and refuse to allow the distractions to knock you off course.

Follow your bliss. Experience your bliss. Become your bliss.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media