The UFO Disclosure Deception

Tucker Carlson of FOX acknowledges the existence of UFOs as potentially one of the biggest stories of his lifetime, yet he fails to ask the (obvious) and most important questions...

In a recent interview with former Pentagon counterintelligence agent, and To The Stars representative Luis Elizondo, Tucker Carlson admits he once labeled people believing in UFOs as "wackos." He then goes onto identify the current disclosures of the UFO presence as "first-hand accounts by very sober people who are trained to identify aircraft."  As he continues his new acceptance of UFOs, he compares these witnesses to the "drunk people on a road a 3am" who made previous reports. Without even exploring the thousands and possibly millions of previously reported accounts, Carlson dismisses what may be important evidence as simple drunk rants by untrustworthy people.

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The Defense Department Doesn't Care

Carlson tells his viewers that the Department of Defense doesn't care about the "potential UFO threat." Elizondo then echoes his statements in explaining the Defense Department goes silent whenever something like this is reported.

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Questions not asked...

"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence," as the saying goes. The Department of Defense is large and compartmentalized. Just because Elizondo was assigned to investigate UFOs, doesn't mean he was the only section with such a mission. What we don't know, and what the mainstream doesn't seem to be asking, is if there have been inquiries into other investigations. In addition, they don't seem to have an interest in other equally credible witnesses who are telling a different story. It seems as if the mainstream is misleading the public here in regards to the UFO presence. According to many other witnesses, UFOs have been here for a very long time. They have been interacting with humanity, and the government has had significant involvement.

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