TTSA Round 2: Cool Video Lame Article

And a lie, Mr. Mulder, is most convincingly hidden between two truths.
~Deep Throat

Well, Friday March 9 we saw the long-awaited next round of information from To The Stars Academy. The new release consisted of another video, 34 seconds in length, and an opinion piece by former Deputy Defense Secretary Chris Mellon in the Washington Post. 

My Twitter friend @gigathought asked whether we should be happy with what's been accomplished, mad at what's still being withheld, or both? I vote for both. The video was awesome, though more context and explanation would be nice. Chris Mellon's article was more of this "We Know Nothing" nonsense.

Let me get all the compulsory acknowledgements out of the way. The video was cool, interesting, and I'm thrilled it was released. I understand the masses need slow disclosure because they're not ready "to handle the truth." I know that this is all part of some genius long-term plan to slowly share the information and to get policy makers and the public as a whole to demand action. I know that Mr. Mellon, Mr. Elizondo, and others are still under their sworn secrecy oath. Yes, I accept I'm one those whiny UFO community experiencers who is never satisfied with anything and has no patience. There, I said it.


Now, let's get to the meat of this. I'm DONE SETTLING. "I know nothing" is no longer satisfactory. There is a difference between slow, smart disclosure and false disclosure. Sadly, I fear representatives of TTSA continue to choose the latter. This line they're pitching that the Pentagon "knows nothing" is a non-sequitur. We must stop settling for this and journalists who get the chance to interview these guys need to stop letting them off the hook on this topic.

It ignores the testimony of Jesse Marcel, Bob Lazar, Philip J. Corso, and Paul Hellyer just to name a few. This narrative defacto debunks everything they've shared or shows a glaring lack of knowledge or straightforwardness by the this group of disclosers.

The truth is the Pentagon has an image problem as true Disclosure approaches. They need to do some PR work to fix the bad look that they withheld this information for decades. As I said in a previous article, I'm not attacking the individuals involved in TTSA or their motives. I am asserting that either they are not in the true know on this topic or they're unwittingly being used in this PR campaign. 

Chris Mellon's article yesterday, I think, was attempt to sell the public and politicians on the concept that these objects are a threat and we're not doing anything about them. His goal seems to be to elicit enough concern and fear that people demand action. I guess that's one strategy.


OK. It's possible they are a threat. Certainly, we haven't been doing anything publicly about them. To believe we haven't done anything secretly about them or buy the line we don't know anything, you have to dismiss that whole line of whistleblowers and believe that decades on our best effort has yielded zero information.

Now, thanks to a ramped up new Cold War among the three major power players in Disclosure - The United States, Russia, and China - we have a new excuse not to share any of this information because our desires for military advantage over each other have renewed energy. Isn't that timely and convenient?

The truth really is out there. That truth is not that the Pentagon is the Keystone Cops. I think the Powers That Be are seeing if they can get away with sharing a watered-down version of that truth and one that mitigates their role in covering it up. If they insist on going this slow confirmation route versus true disclosure, they need to at least stop playing the "We Know Nothing" game. It's time to pull the band-aid off and do this damn thing!

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media