Roswell & To The Stars

History is once again repeating itself as we are witnessing elements of the Cold War and the Roswell crash play out once again in politics and with the To The Stars Academy...

With the rumors of a crashed UFO at Roswell in 1947, the government allegedly worked to hide what it recovered. According to the book, The Day After Roswell, Col. Corso explains that he was part of a small unit within the Pentagon that worked to identify the wreckage and filter it out to development to reverse engineer and create. Col. Corso states that because of his efforts in working with "alien" technology, we now have things like microwaves, computers/internet, kevlar, lasers, and many other modern-day advancements.

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A Hidden Cold-War Objective

According to Col. Corso, the ultimate goal was to develop weaponry and defensive technology that would put the Army on a level playing ground with the unidentified craft/Aliens, also referred to as E.B.Es (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities). The goal was to use the alien technology to protect us against the alien threat. This podcast also reviews a speech by Eisenhower, who was president during this time-period, where he refers to the "alien-communist" threat... Was he trying to tell us something?

Comparing To The Stars

The creation of the To The Stars Academy bares a similar resemblance to Col. Corso's claims. Both have origins rooted in the secrecy of the Pentagon. Both are trying to back-engineer UFO/Alien technology in order to protect us from an "alien threat." Both Col. Corso and the To The Stars team have strong military/government backgrounds that provide an official acknowledgment to their testimony. What's different now, is that the Academy seems to be performing the same tasks as Col. Corso's work, however, this time they are doing it in the eye of the public. Is this simply a repeat of the previous covert agenda to introduce advance technology (that we may already have) to the public? We need to consider what the long-game may be here...

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