Spies, AI, & UFO Conspiracies

We need to stop and ask ourselves if we are searching for truth, or searching to prove our beliefs are right. Because the answers to each may be very different...

In this podcast, Dennis attempts to dissect reality by exploring the questions: Who are we and what is our purpose? Through an exploration of 3 possibilities - we were created accidentally (big bang), we were created through diving creation (God), and we were created through intervention (aliens), Dennis suggests an alternate possibility that is designed to challenge current paradigms.

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Spies & Conspiracies

Since the time of the cold war, our various governments have been infiltrated by spies. The UFO conspiracy is deeply rooted in intelligence cover-ups, espionage, and spying. In many reports coming out today, it seems as if governments are still compromised and there may be two warring factions within the US government. What are they fighting over? More importantly, why are they fighting? What if their disagreements have been orchestrated to keep everyone away from a deeper truth? What if the entire alien/ufo event is merely a cover story for a larger conspiracy that will leave us questioning our own existence?

What if?

Sometimes we need to explore the "What if's," when we are searching for answers. If we restrict ourselves to the confines of our own belief systems, then we may in fact be denying ourselves access to truth. This introspection and investigation may be extremely difficult, but is necessary if we are to truly move forward, evolve, and find liberation. Dennis relates to religious texts, and ancient creation stories that suggest mankind was created to honor and worship the gods. They may suggest that mankind was created as slaves. The parallels to the pending development of AI are one-in-the-same. We are currently creating robots to be our slaves - is it possible that we are currently watching history repeat itself?

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