Selling the New Cold or Hot War with Russia

In a recent video, David Icke discusses the push for conflict with Russia and China in his analysis of 2018 trends.

I’ve written about this multiple times over the past couple of years. It’s obvious to anyone with a clear head that there’s a concerted objective to demonize Russia as NATO pushes forward on its 20+ year plan to encircle Russia. 

He also touches on the transparent strategy to use the Russia probe as a weapon of the Deep State to prevent the Trump administration from going rogue and warming relations with Russia. That undo 20 years of strategy to reignite the Cold War or even a hot war.

This issue transcends momentary domestic politics. We (US and Western European citizens) are being sold this new Cold War just as we were sold the string of interventionist wars in the Middle East. The Military Industrial Complex craves a big and permanent enemy again.

Like all other thought tyranny on issues in our world today there’s to be no discussion. If Russia takes any action to defend itself or its allies, its used as proof of its aggressive intent. If any public figure in the West questions or seeks to stabilize the situation, as candidate Trump did, they are a Russian agent. There’s a total mind lockdown on this topic. No critical thought is allowed.

Vladimir Putin is no angel. He’s ex-KGB and I have no illusions he’s done unspeakable things. Still, he’s been a more straightforward player in the lead up to this new Cold War than any western leader. He’s held Q&A sessions with western reporters, you can find them on YouTube, where he outlines how he tried multiple times over the past 15 years to work with NATO on common interests and was rebuffed. Finally, he states, he was forced to confront strength with strength.

I’ve said it before and I’ll state it again. The people of the United States, Russia, and the world are better off with these two nuclear superpowers collaborating not in conflict. 

We really have to ask, as honest and patriotic Americans, if an economy (ours) so dependent on war and arms sales can afford peace? Have our leaders, too, made that calculation that a reduction in conflict around the world crashes the American economy? If so, we must take that into our calculations as the MSM and most of our political leaders try to sell us Russia and, perhaps, China as adversaries rather than partners.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media