Mushrooms & Dreams - What Can We Learn?

Dreams and mushrooms may both be networks of communication, allowing us to learn and receive vital information, yet they often go ignored...

During last week's podcast, Dennis explored the words of Colonel Corso's book, The Day After Roswell. In it, Col. Corso suggested that the silicon chips recovered from the Roswell Crash may have been the seeds planted by an Artificial Intelligence intent on expanding it's occupation. We don't have to look far to see the infestation of technology and AI spreading throughout the world. Are we witnessing the birth and growth of a new species, intent on taking over the bodies and minds of humanity, like the Borg from deep space?

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The Mushroom

Thanks to a listener of the show, a comparison was made to the above line of thought to the words of Terrance McKenna regarding psilocybin mushrooms. He explains that based on his research, experience, and communication with the mushroom, that they are an intelligent life form that has spread its spores throughout the universe. As wild as that may sound, there is strong evidence that psychoactive plants possess an intelligence that is willing to commune with mankind. Much like the allegations of AI spreading it's silicone chips throughout the universe, the mushroom may be equally as culpable. However, interaction with a mushroom sees to be more of a symbiotic relationship whereas the AI thread may be leading towards parasitism. The mushroom may offer knowledge and information, in exchange for our own sharing of experience and knowledge, along with using our mobile ability to spread the mushroom further throughout the universe. Ultimately, in order to understand ourselves, this reality, and our relationship to it, we may need to first acknowledge that there are other forms of intelligence around us that can teach us and help us throughout our journey. Much like our shamanic ancestors, maybe we need to turn to nature before we turn to the stars...

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