The Happy Medium - Talking With Loved Ones Passed

The Seiker Podcast, Ep 128:

If you could receive messages from departed loved ones, what would they say? Just ask Rose, the Happy Medium...

For the past 10 years, Rose McCormick has been communicating with the dead to bring closure, peace, and healing to surviving relatives. As an energy worker, Rose shares part of her journey of healing and communication in this open discussion about her contact with the other side. She is also a Reiki teacher, a yoga instructor, and a massage therapist and combines her skill set to help others.

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Working with Energy

Rose gives some excellent advice on this podcast for anyone interested in energy work and life as a medium. She offers tips and suggestions on how to get started, how to protect yourself, and how to improve your abilities. "Anybody can learn to be a medium," Rose states. "You just have to be able to quiet your mind to hear the messages." This discussion certainly makes the paranormal feel quite normal and the supernatural feel natural and is a great starting point for anyone interested in pursuing this path.

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Remote Viewing

This week, Dennis shares his results of a remote viewing experiment he participated in. Through a procedure called associative remote viewing, Dennis identified a target that may predict the outcome of an up-coming football game. For our remote viewing cohort, a new target has been created. The target coordinates are: 9124 1210. Please email Dennis your data so he can provide you with the target description once you are done your session.

Contacting Rose

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