Fear, Fear, and More Fear: Is 2030 the New 2012?


We had Y2K in the year 200. Supposedly, because computers were only set up for two digits, assuming the 19 of the 20th century, everything was going to crash. Companies and governments spent trillions in the couple of years leading up to it. The media promised harsh consequences and chaos. Civilization as we knew would cease to be. We all took a deep breath as the world passed midnight into 2000 and it was a big non-event.

Then the Mayan Calendar that reportedly ended in 2012 became the next year of fearful focus. What did the end of the calendar mean? Were we all doomed? All types of theories grew up to predict what was going to befall us. Again, nothing.

Now 2030 seems to be the new target year of fear. McKinsey and Company, a major, global consulting firm, released a report on their website predicting AI will rule the world and unemploy 800 million human beings by 2030. This comes on the heels of months and months of mainstream media reports saying 2030 is the target year for AI to dominate. Some are predicting that climate change will leave much of Manhattan Island in New York under water by 2030. The UN, EU, and nation after nation all have big 2030 initiatives. I could go on, but you can Google to see the crazy number of negative projections being liberally seeded into the popular consciousness about 2030.

What should we do? First, as we like to say at 6 Sense Media, be aware and prepared, but not scared. It's clear someone is eager to plant the impending doom of all we hold dear for 2030. We should certainly take prudent steps to prepare for all possibilities.

What can we do? AI is coming and there is the possibility it could meet that prediction. We need to begin demanding that eventuality be taken seriously by media and politicians neck-deep in the Russia investigation. When we reach that moment where AI can lift the burden from the backs of human beings, it could be glorious moment for humanity or disastrous. It really depends on what we do now to prepare and how we begin envisioning a new world for humanity. Fear need not be our automatic response.

Will New York be under water in 12 years? I'd doubt it. Some of these same scientists were predicting this disaster would happen by 2000 in the 1980s (some of us do have memories). Then when that didn't happen, it was supposed to be happen by 2015. Obviously, it's not. So, now 2030 is the climate change fear year. Look, despite a massive and manipulative campaign to use the climate, like terrorism, to spread fear through the masses; predictions like this are not based upon anything that can be called scientific. Data on the arctic ice shelf, the supposed culprit of NYC's demise,  is mixed and inconclusive. NASA recently stated the negative predictions have been based on a view of a particular part of Antartica, ignoring that other parts of the continent are experiencing a thickening of ice.

What can we do? We can take better care of our planet individually and collectively. Whether or not a climapocalypse is upon us, we must take better care of the planet. We must move to greener and renewable energy. We must demand that energy technologies proposed and demonstrated by Nikola Tesla 100 plus years ago be released. These hold the potential to make the fossil fuel vs. renewable debate obsolete and end energy as a significant contributor to poverty on this planet.

In summary, some big "someone" somewhere wants you to start fearing 2030 today and live in that fear for the next 12 years until that disaster fails to materialize and they must create another. The key in all of this is FEAR. Fear, not saving you, is the objective of PR campaigns like this. It seems the Powers That Be on this planet have decided that 2030 should be next moment of doom used to lower our vibrations and push through their agendas.

What can we do? Fill yourself with love not fear. Turn off media that perpetuates one fearful vibration after another. Go within. Find the confidence and the power that lives there and own it. That wisdom tells us there's more than enough for everyone if we share. That wisdom tells us we need not hate and fear each other. That wisdom tells us that we are human beings first and not all the groups they would divide us into to conquer us. Start thinking right now that 2030 is going to be a glorious year to be human and be alive. See that 2030 not the one they want to sell you.

If you're prepared, aware, and not scared, we can and will have created a completely new world right over the top of their year of doom. Like 2000 and 2012, 2030 will pass into the record books as another false alarm.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media

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