Drones & Smart Meters

We are being forced to accept smart meters in our homes... But are they safe? Drones are becoming autonomous... But are they safe?

In this episode, Dennis shares his connection between intuition and a notice advising his home was scheduled to be outfitted with an electric smart meter. Are they dangerous? Are there connections to this technology and cancer? Jeremy Johnson, former Silicon Valley civil engineer and a "safe technology advocate" states that this technology does pose a threat to human health and we need to  proceed with caution.

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On his website, EMFAnalysis.com, Johnson shares his personal account of how he became "electrically sensitive," which is a condition that affects "3-10% of the population." Johnson shares his story in a TEDx talk, and offers a wealth of research through his website. As this technology continues to expand, we need to better understand the impact it will have on human health. What impact will this have on our own electromagnetic fields generated by the heart? Are these a cause of cancer? The research indicates yes.

Fighting the Smart Meter Takeover

Chances are, if smart-meters are coming to your town, they are supported by state legislation. So what can we do? How can we protect our health? If this is a battle you are going to fight, it is probably best to do so with a legal team, and a community-wide petition. Otherwise, as an individual you will most likely be arrested and fined, and will not have an impact on the battle you have engaged in. As an individual, it may be better to invest in technology that will protect your home from the harmful effects. In addition, it may be wise to invest in alternative power sources in the event that the power company utilizes their kill switch (for any variety of reasons) to shut off your power.

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Florida currently has plans to employ drones to spray for mosquitos. The US Military is developing and deploying robots into their field units. It's no longer the talk of science-fiction. Autonomous robots are being created. For now, we are in control... but can we stay that way? In a recent interview with Jimmy Church, Silicon Vally and MIT Graduate Riz Virk warns that we may be on the path towards Killer AI. Although it sounds like the plot to many popular movies, this is a very real possibility we need to consider. To ignore this could have grave consequences...

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