ET & AI - Are They Here?

Is it possible that advanced ET life chose to transcend their physical bodies by housing their consciousness in a digital reality? If so, would they then be able to traverse space and time to infest our own digital networks?

The search for UFOs and extraterrestrial life has gained momentum over the past year since the confirmation via the New York Times of the Pentagon's acknowledgment that UFOs are in-fact real. At the same time, we are witnessing the birth of AI as we move towards the singularity of self-awareness with projections of a merging between human consciousness and computers. What was once the work of science fiction has now become a reality.

Photo by Marat Gilyadzinov on Unsplash

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In November of 2016, reported that Intelligent Aliens are Likely MachinesThe article speculates that if an intelligent species followed a similar path of technological advancement as our species, they would most-likely decide that it was in their best-interests to shed their physical bodies and upload themselves to a virtual existence. This concept was then expanded in February of 2018 in an NBC article claiming Scientists Claim Aliens Could Hack our Planet.  The article suggests that aliens would be able to send signals in a variety of ways that would infest and crash our technological systems, or deliver plans for us to develop nanotechnology that would eventually consume our entire planet. These statements sound eerily similar to the speculations of Colonel Corso in his book The Day After Roswell where he suggested that the silicon computer chips found at the crash site were intentionally planted here serving as digital spores designed to spread the growth and infestation of an alien intelligence throughout the universe. One only has to look at the infestation of tech throughout the planet to see how plausible this may be.

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