The History of Emotional Warmongering - US Establishment Demanding War in Syria

If the first casualty of war is the truth, what's the perpetual casualty of perpetual war?

Here we go again! I've lost count of the number of ill-advised, illegal, nonsensical, and lie-driven wars The United States has been involved in my lifetime. Heck, I've even lost count in the last 15 years. Do you even know how many countries we are carrying out active operations in right now? Does Congress?

When I was a little boy, I learned the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. He was assigned to watch the sheep. On a couple of occasions, he cried wolf just to see the response. The third time he cried wolf there really was a wolf and no one came because he'd broken their trust.

We need to recognize that our trust has been broken numerous times by the warmongers in high places. They've told us story after story after story about enemy after enemy after enemy to get us to go along with the next war.

I'm sure by even writing this article, some will declare me unpatriotic or a Putin Puppet. Sling the names. I'll stick to the facts and the history of deceit that has helped the Military Industrial Complex, fronted by our political leadership and media manipulate us into war after war after war.

Yet, the US bipartisan political establishment, practically all mainstream media outlets and commentators are absolutely convinced that war in Syria is a moral imperative because of the gas attack supposedly carried out by the Assad government last week.


  1. Newly elected President Trump made it clear that regime change in Syria was off the table when he took office.
  2. April 2017, President Assad, with Russian assistance, was on the verge of declaring final victory in the civil war.
  3. With The United States pulling back from conflict, his Russian allies at his side, and victory at hand, supposed Assad decided to order a chemical attack.
  4. The western media and political echo chambers burst into outrage, demanding President Trump take action.
  5. President Trump ordered more than 50 cruise missiles to strike Syrian targets.
  6. Warmongers in the DC establishment and mainstream media took a couple days off from their persistent criticism of Trump and called him, "Presidential."
  7. April 4, 2018 President Trump announces he plans to withdraw American forces from Syria.
  8. Within Days, President Assad, an obvious glutton for his own demise, decides that's a good moment to launch another chemical attack. I mean, he didn't even wait for the US to pull out. 
  9. The moral outrage again reverberated through the western echo chambers demanding action from Trump. This combined with the supposed poison attack in London with an agent that could easily be tied directly to Russia just fueled the demand for war.
  10. Trump, who frankly is showing wear from two years of being manipulated, has apparently again caved. 
  11. Both sides (US/Britain/France and Russia) have moved warships and other equipment into the area for a showdown in Syria.
  12. Some of have called this the most dangerous confrontation since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis.
  13. Oh, and by the way, two months ago the 2017 attack that the whole world full-throatedly blamed on Assad? Secretary of Defense Mattis admitted there was no evidence Assad did it.

Last year the international community used a 2013 attack, western powers claimed had been launched by Assad, as evidence of a pattern. All the while, neglecting the fact that UN investigators had debunked Assad's role in the 2013 attack.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News did an outstanding segment this week (below) calling out this history of convenient Assad actions that have only made things worse for him and compelled western military action. First, let's be absolutely crystal clear on who is supporting this war, if it comes. It is, again, the mainstream media, the bipartisan political establishment, and the Military Industrial Complex that owns them both.

Speaking out like this by someone is Carlson's position takes courage and I applaud him for it.

What is the history of wars over the past 25 years? Why do politicians and media who lived through the claims for war and then the later regret or reworking history not speak out? Why do they have a convenient memory loss about past claims for past conflicts? 

Remember President Bush's "mushroom clouds?" How about Kuwaiti babies ripped out of incubators?

Time and again, we've been told we can't wait for the facts or evidence. We must act now before it's too late. We've been asked to pretend that other parties with ulterior motives could just as easily be to blame for these situations. 

The history for media hysteria, assumptions without accounting for facts, and politicians pushing for actions is old. 

1n 1898, headlines like this one spread like wildfire across the country. The US Warship USS Maine had caught fire, exploded, and sank in Havana Harbor. The finger of blame was immediately pointed at Spain. The US was a rising power and was looking for an excuse to take territories for itself. The cause of the explosion was never determined, but "To Hell with Spain. Remember the Maine," was on the lips of every American.


Twenty years later Americans were baptized by idea that German troops had skewered babies in neutral Belgian. While no evidence existed for this claim, the emotional effect helped convince Americans we must intervene in The Great War.


When human beings can be made emotional - especially angry or fearful - they are far easier to manipulate. Warmongers have always known this. Whether its false posters or false flags, they always find - and enemies always conveniently provide - a way to get people angry, afraid, and behind whatever war the establishment wants against whatever enemy they tell us to point the guns at. The United States did not invent false flag/false information justifications for war, but it has perfected them.

All the usual suspects, Democrat and Republican, are calling for immediate military action. It's because they never learn...well that's too kind. It's because they're owned by the Military Industrial Complex that must always have another enemy to stuff into its maw. 


Russia has promised retaliation and a wider war if that happens. But they're just bluffing because they wouldn't dare, right John McCain?

So, what now? Will we buy this again or will we find it easier to look the other way? Will we recognize that world's number two military power, armed as we are to the teeth with nuclear weapons, has had just about enough?

You see, in many of these other conflicts we've picked on easy targets who really couldn't fight back. Russia really can fight back. They've growled for years as NATO has surrounded them. They've watched as they've been given the standard villain treatment of the next enemy in the western media for the last few years. 

At one time Spain, Saddam, Ghadaffi were all to blame for all the world's ills. Now it's Putin and Russia. We've seen this playbook before.

I, for one, think we should wait for true evidence that Assad and not one of the rebel groups conducted this attack.I think the US and Russia both need to tone down their rhetoric and consider the consequences for the whole planet of really going down this road. Is Syria and the fate of the Assad regime, one way or the other, really worth world's two nuclear superpowers tangling? I think not!


Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media


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