AI & Human Potential

What if this is all a lie, and those of us seeking the truth are the biggest culprits disseminating the most massive manipulation ever conceived?

This week, news articles reported the projection that AI will soon be able to craft it's own fake news stories, and taylor them to each individual reader based on their social media and browsing data. In addition, Elon Musk is moving forward with Neuralink and will begin testing on animals. His plan is to initially help people with disabilities, however, his ultimate goal is to be able to prevent the demise of humanity in the face of AI by merging the human mind with technology and connecting the mind to the cloud.

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The Dangers of Conscious Creation

If AI has the ability to create fake news, and taylor those stories to each individual person based on the metadata collected against them, what will it be capable of doing to our minds once the human brain is connected to the cloud? On one hand, it may be able to create the most beautiful of Utopias. However, on the other hand we may find ourselves lost in the most dreadful pits of our own personal Hell.

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Human Consciousness - The Creative Force

In the Matrix series, we follow Neo through his journey of rebellion as he comes to realize his purpose. He is the one - the chosen one to liberate his people, destroy the AI machine, and end the war. However, in the second part of the series he realizes that what he believed was his calling was actually a carefully crafted plan designed to manipulate him to fulfill the machine's objective.

In our current society, there is growing evidence that human consciousness plays a part in creation. We have learned through studies known as the Maharishi Effect that 1% of a given population practicing transcendental meditation is capable of influencing levels of peace and violence in a given area. Is it possible that many of the scary dooms-day concepts we hear about are actually carefully planted seeds (much like the movie inception), into the minds of unsuspecting movie goers? Such an idea then grows and takes form, and eventually the "chosen ones" begin to resonate with the concept and as they search for truth, they spread what they are learning when in actuality they are increasing belief to the critical mass of 1% and aiding in the manifestation of that belief. It is a difficult concept to grasp, but one that must be considered. It would behoove all truth seekers to make sure that we continue to focus on the positive and beautiful aspects of our hopes and dreams as we work to bring about a bright future for all. For if we focus too intently on the negative and fearful aspects of this reality, we may find ourselves in a very scary place...

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