The "A" Word - Alien

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. For now we see in a mirror, darkly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known.
~ The Apostle Paul, I Corinthians 13 v. 11-12


While Paul was speaking of a different subject, his words ring true on the topics of unknown phenomena being encountered by humanity on a daily basis. Some suggest the way forward is to go on speaking around these topics, carefully self-editing our words, to garner more support. One word has been particularly singled out.

To quote the old Password game, "The word is...Alien." Apparently, the new Disclosure is one where we are not going to use The "A" word because it triggers people and shuts down discussion. I learned that this week during a Twitter conversation where I was being critical of former Senator Harry Reid's opening comments to a reporter from New York Magazine who contacted him to talk about UFOs.

Reid responded:

"Well, I’m happy to talk to you. Just let me preface this by saying this, if we’re here to talk about little green men or stuff that you want to look at that was found in New Mexico or something, I’m not interested. If you’re here to talk about science, I’m happy to do that. I’m really glad to do that. I’m glad somebody is interested, because it’s a subject that is being terribly neglected, so I’m happy to talk to you."

We have Disclosure and Debunking all in the same paragraph. Little green men? Really, senator? The defense of this statement was The "A" word must be avoided, if we are to have to Disclosure. This is, apparently, part of some super guru strategy to bring people to the subject without scaring them back into their holes with The "A" word. 

Disclosure without The "A" word? Is that possible? We're all aware that The "A" word is not the only possibility to describe these phenomena and to explain the experiences millions of people around the world have had, but it's a darn good place to start. Even if it describes some of them, it may not describe all of them.

However, my friends, to talk about these phenomena and those experiences and avoid The "A" word is a fool's errand. If part of the truth lies with The "A" word, then people are just going to have to deal with the facts, regardless of how uncomfortable those facts are.

Having these conversations without The "A" word is like trying to talk about World War II, while avoiding the words Adolf Hitler. The mention of his name may offend, frighten, or shut down the conversation, but anyone wanting to have a serious conversation about that war cannot do so by ignoring Hitler. Like it or not, he was part and parcel to that war just as the word Alien is part and parcel to any discussion of lights in the sky, abductions, and aircraft that leave our best jets in their dust.

I'd ask those who support that approach, "What's next?" If you successfully avoid using the word Alien, when do you finally feel safe to bring it into the conversation? Ten years from now? Twenty? Never? Is this really Disclosure or just a new kind of cover-up that avoids triggering the negative reaction the public has been so carefully conditioned to exhibit at the mention of these topics?

People are afraid to talk about this subject not because of any word, but because they've been conditioned by ridicule. Now is not the time reinforce the conditioning. It's the time to BREAK the conditioning.

The only way our species and our civilization walks forward into this new world is as adults with eyes wide open. Where's our courage, our sense of adventure? How can we reach for the stars with our heads bent down afraid to step on egg shells?

I know, I know. Star Trek is just a TV show, but to many of us it's much more. When I hear this opening, I have this vision of courage and adventure and our species reaching to be more than we are. That's the kind of leadership we need and that's the kind of thinking that will one day help us see the truth on these phenomena and boldly go where we have never gone before.


Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media