Why I'm Against the Trump Military Parade

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We must break our habit of war and its glorificaton.

This week President Donald Trump proposed conducting a massive military parade in Washington D.C. He says it's to show support for the men and women in our military. I believe it portends a deeply troubling escalation in our adoration of militarism. 

We are a nation addicted, in every way to militarism. We "declare war" on social problems. We see military force as the easy button in foreign policy. We have an economy ABSOLUTELY dependent on our domestic military spending and our role as the world's biggest arms dealer. We don't even have a viable political party in our country any more that provides any resistance to persistent war. In fact, in the midst of this budget crisis, Democrats and Republicans managed to agree on one thing - to authorize an additional $125 billion in new military spending. The claim is that the world power who spends more on military than the next 12 world powers combined, has a military spending deficit.

So ridiculous is our dependence that were peace declared in the world today, the United States economy would experience a collapse that would make the Great Depression look like a bounced check. Literally, despite protestations that we are the world's great peace maker, the United States cannot afford world peace. Our political class knows it and that's why they have no problem with endless wars and manufactured enemies.


I can remember when Ronald Reagan became president in the 1980s. He was viewed as dangerous war-monger for being less hawkish against the Soviet Union than the average "Liberal" is today against a more benign Russia. Reagan certainly used military force during his presidency. Sometimes I disagreed with him. Sometimes he was acting in direct response to certain events. Eventually, Reagan was a peacemaker.

However, his five bi-partisan successors have practiced a gluttonous, gratuitous foreign policy of regime change and persistent enemy creation. In a masterful public relations campaign orchestrated before and during the first Gulf War in 1991, the Pentagon managed to turn the media and the people's Vietnam-Era war resistance into a flag waving frenzy where war is the norm. Of course, September 11 provided the ultimate blank check for our war-state ramp up. 

This is a sad state of affairs. The legitimate bravery and selfless service of our military forces are used to shield the hidden hand's and political class's endless war for profit on lies. Wall Street profits. The mainstream media profits and acts as the warmongering public relations arm. And for the American people, war has become as normal as the sun rising in the east.

Now, President Trump wants to have a parade down Pennsylvania Avenue reminiscent of Hitler, Mussolini, and Brezhnev? NO! I love my country. I support the troops in doing their legitimate duty in defending the nation. I do not support the avid glorification of militarism that has come at the expense of all the United States once stood for.


We must break this addiction to war. We must break this addiction to its glorification. Most of all, we need to find a saner basis for our economic development like futuristic energy and space to replace the militaristic madness.

It's odd that a government that often seeks to disarm the American people on the one hand, promotes the arming of everyone else on the planet. It's odd that we preach peace and self-determination, while practicing violence and organized regime change.

One day, one way or another, these chickens are going to come home to roost. We can either get out in front of it or we can be the victims of however this house crumbles. One start is to say NO on this parade. 

We must not allow this to be the 1930s where national tensions and financial worries drove nations to top each other with vast military parades in news reels. We all know what came a few years later. Our nation, our world, and our species needs to be moving 180 degrees away from this kind of thinking. If not now, when?

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media.