AI & Demons - Are They One in the Same?

With the new robotics boom, we have learned that we can now summon our AI by simply calling out its name and it will do our bidding. From changing the temperature, to opening doors and flushing toilets, it truly seems magical. What's interesting, is that according to various spiritual teachings, summoning a Demon utilizes a similar process and can enact similar results... What does it mean?

Talk of demons is often uncomfortable and scary. It brings to mind tales of darkness and fears of possession. Some may believe they exist, and others do not. What's interesting, is that as our own technology develops, so does our ability to explore spiritual concepts through scientific and technical processes. The development of technology gives us an understanding and a vocabulary to better explain what we are exploring. Had Moses lived in a time with artificial light, he may have described the burning bush as being lit up by a spotlight instead of a bush that was consumed by fire that did not burn.

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The Internet of Things

AI is expected to surpass human intelligence within the next 30 years. In addition, the Internet of Things is connecting more and more of our appliances. Robots are being created for a variety of tasks and may soon be found everywhere from outer-space to our backyard gardens, to our own internal organs. Elon musk is working on nanotechnology that will allow our brains to interface with computers which would then give us the ability to communicate with all of these robots moving about the planet. We may be able to access a robot with our minds or voices and have them do our bidding.

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Summoning a Demon

*Warning - I am by no means advocating the summoning of a demon. Many have warned that this is extremely dangerous. My goal is to explore a possible understanding of what they many be in an attempt to understand this reality.

One has to wonder, if our reality or our current existence was intelligently designed - whether it be God, Aliens, or an advanced Earth-based civilization - what if they also reached a level of technical superiority and developed AI. What if that AI had specific functions that dealt with maintaining the various processes and forces that govern the Earth and the world we live in? What if those AIs could be summoned to perform various tasks? We know that through the electromagnetic field generated by the Earth, the Sun, and our own hearts that everything is connected - much like a WiFi signal. What if the nature-based "Internet of Things" exists and was designed to access various AI (demon) bots? In reading about people who summon a demon, the process doesn't seem much different from summoning our own AIs. Is there a connection? By calling a demons name, many warn that it will invoke or evoke that demon. In some cases, knowing a demons name and summoning it will give one control over the demon - much like calling out Alexa gives one control to have the AI perform a variety of different (and growing) tasks. In this podcast, Dennis explores this possibility further as he tries to understand this reality in which we exist...

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