Who Will You Be in 2018?

The Seiker Podcast, Ep 126:

Who will you be in 2018? We first need to take a deep look within and realize who we are. We must explore where we came from - and once we have an understanding, we can then chart a course for who we can become...

With a new year comes new hope and fresh starts. But what does that mean? Sometimes we need to take an honest look at ourselves, and that isn't always easy. We need to identify our faults and face our culpabilities. It can be down-right terrifying, but is a necessary step in a movement towards growth and improvement of ourselves. In getting to know ourselves, we must also know our flaws and shortcomings because we can then chart a course to improve upon them. On a spiritual level, we must also take a deep look at who we are collectively and our relationship to the world around us. How do we affect nature, and how does nature impact us? The answers may be terrifying at first, but can also be empowering. In 2018 we have a choice. We can continue on our path of destruction or we can make a change. The power is in your hands...

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Remote Viewing

On this podcast, Dennis reviews the Farsight Institute's predictions for news stories in January 2018. The remote viewing sessions were done in December of 2017 and indicate a possible plane crash plus a very strange water - based disaster.

Our own remote viewing cohort has a new target this week! Dennis has gone back to guiding listeners through the process to connect with the target. Please join in and send Dennis your results to receive your personal feedback on the target session. This weeks coordinates are: 1945 4143. Good luck!

In the News

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