Nimitz UFO - More to the Story with Ray Davis

There is more to the New York Times UFO article. The 2004 Nimitz UFO sighting possibly involved a larger craft - and performed some amazing maneuvers. Ray Davis provides some significant findings as we explore this story further.

Since the December 16, 2017 New York Times Article revealed the Pentagon's secret program to study UFOs, there have been lots of discussion and speculation on the subject. There is, as we suspect, more to the story. Much more - but the mainstream still remains silent on this incredibly significant story.

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UFO Encounter

The New York Times displayed the now-popular video of a 2004 UFO sighting, now known as the Nimitz incident. In the video, pilots react to the crafts maneuvers, commenting on their extraordinary capabilities. What they didn't disclose, however, is that some of the pilots reported seeing a much larger craft, just below the surface of the water, that may have been a mother-ship to the craft observed. In this podcast, author and 6 Sense Media co-founder Ray Davis shares his research and analysis on what this could mean.

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We Have the Power

There is always more to the story - and we must keep that in mind. Furthermore, we must measure our responses and remain objectively critical in our search for truth. Although the release of this information is exciting, as Truth Seikers - we must stay the course and continue to ask questions. This podcast addresses some of the questions we need to ask, and how to stay grounded during releases of such exciting and life-changing information.

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