Religious Creation Myths & AI Development - One in the Same?

Is it possible that the Book of Genesis, The Book of Enoch, and Gnostic texts from the Nag Hammadi Library are describing a creation event similar to the development of AI as we see it today? 

"Let us make man in our image..." Let us make Robots in our image. Are these acts of creation one in the same? In this podcast Dennis explores the possibility that history is repeating itself through the creation of AI by comparing ancient religious texts to modern-day current event press releases surrounding the development of AI and robotics. The similarities are quite shocking!

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What can We Learn?

As we watch the development of AI move towards the Singularity, we have an opportunity to possibly learn about our own consciousness and evolution. Was mankind created by a higher intelligence? How did that higher intelligence interact with its creation? According to ancient texts, the Watchers or Fallen Angels bred with their creation. In addition, they taught their creation about the surrounding world and they taught them how to make weapons of war. The watchers were severely punished for their actions. Today, we are connecting AI to the Internet and allowing it to learn about the world around it. In addition, AI robots are being created for the purpose of sex and companionship, and governments are working hard to develop autonomous drones for warfare purposes. It's hard to deny the coincidences between the ancient religious creation myths and the modern-day creation of AI robots. What does this teach us about ourselves and our future?

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Remote Viewing

This past November, the Farsight Institute put out it's December predictions as a part of it's TimeCross project where they predict the news one month in advance. One of the viewers collected data on a possible nationwide blackout over the United States during the month of December. We need to be mindful that not all data gathered is accurate in terms of its predictions, however, Farsight does have a very good track record since they began this project. At a minimum, it is worth at least reviewing any emergency plans you may have in the event that the viewer accurately viewed this target.

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