Analyzing Disclosure - The UFO Agenda

UFOs are real, and they don't belong to anyone we know of... Who are they and what are they doing?

It's been almost 60 years since Betty and Barney Hill reported their encounters with strange beings in unidentified crafts. We've heard of the Roswell crash, Area 51, and the horrific encounters of Whitley Strieber and the short, insect-like beings who took him. There was the Phoenix lights and countless other sightings of unidentified crafts - yet the US government and mainstream media refused to acknowledge their existence. However, in a recent New York Times article, the Pentagon officially confirmed the existence of UFOs, and stated that they don't know where they came from...

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What does this Mean?

We have finally received a partial disclosure from the US government regarding the existence of UFOs. They are very real, and the government claims to not know where they came from. However, in this podcast, Dennis explores ample evidence and accounts that demonstrate the government knows full-well there is more to the story. Given the compartmentalization of the government and countless accounts of black programs dealing with UFOs, this "disclosure" may be the beginning of an elaborate deception designed to deliver a partial truth before misdirecting citizens away from the full story.

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Remote Viewing

Last month the Farsight Institute predicted a massive blackout that involved a possible UFO for the month of December. This month, we did experience a total blackout at the Atlanta Airport. In addition, reports have come in involving an unidentified craft that landed at the airport minutes before the blackout and then took off when no other flights were permitted to leave. Did the Farsight viewer accurately predict this event?

This week, our Remote Viewing cohort has a new target to view. Test your remote viewing skills and see what you can perceive!

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