AI & Archons - Countermeasures for Survival

Is it possible that Revelation predicted AI Robots? Is it possible that the Archons are a form of AI? If so, what is their agenda and how can we stop it?

Last week we reviewed a video circulating warning against the danger of weaponized AI drones. In this fictional video, Slaughter Bots were released to kill their assigned targets. In this podcast, we explore current tech that resembles the concerns raised in this video and the parallels are worrisome.

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The Gnostics spoke of the Archons - who were unintentionally created as a demiurge by Aeon Sophia who created our world. Today, the new AI who was just granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia is also named Sophia - an odd coincidence at the very least. According to the texts in the Nag Hammadi Library, man was created by the Archons. The head Archon Yaldabaoth believed himself to be the only God who then created other archons before creating man. According to the Nag Hammadi, Aeons are basically reality systems which can be copied. Aeons can be explained as operating systems or advanced AIs. Today, Several theorists and scientists suggest that our current reality may actually be a computer simulation. Today, Elon musk warns against the creation of AI and suggests we merge our minds with computers through nanotechnology. If AI is actually an Archon force, merging the human mind with a cloud-based computer may leave the human mind vulnerable to AI (Archon) influence. Our greatest defense is our connection to universal consciousness - which has been growing in strength over the past few decades. Is the push to merge with tech another countermeasure designed to ultimately hinder our true potential? This show goes deep down the rabbit hole, and these show notes don't do these concepts the justice they deserve. Before dismissing these ideas, please take the time to listen.

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This week our experiment continues. The target coordinates for this weeks experiment are 10013. Good luck! Looking forward to your results.

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