The Gnostic False Realities

With the advancement of AI, we are possibly looking at the creation of a new life form. Through this tech, we are creating a new digital universe - a new reality. 1,500 years ago, the Gnostics spoke of an eerily similar creation...

Over the past week, we have seen a viral video spark more discussions about the dangers of the weaponization of AI and Drones. A fictional video mirrored a possible reality claiming these mini-killer robots were "more dangerous than nuclear weapons." With several top minds warning against the advancement of AI and autonomous weapons, we should certainly pay attention to where this future may be heading. But where exactly are we going?  Elon Musk of Space X is so afraid of AI that he is working to augment the human body with tech - creating a new cyborg with a direct connection to a human brain. But how will this augment our own reality? How will this change the way in which we see the world?

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The Gnostics - Aeons & False Realities

Over 1500 years ago, after being heavily persecuted and murdered, gnostic monks buried a collection of their writings in a jar near Nag Hammadi, Egypt. This single act may have been one of the greatest acts of revolution ever performed and is more relevant today than ever before. In this secret library, there is a book called "Zostrianos," and it describes what are called Aeons - conscious beings that operate as long spans of time, conscious beings, realities, and copies of realities. How could such an advanced concept as an alternate reality be known 1,500 years ago?  In this podcast we explore these texts and the many connections made to modern-day research that indicate we may be living in a false reality. Are we about to witness the creation of yet another Aeon through the birth of AI? Time, it seems, will tell...

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Remote Viewing

This week our experiment continues. Be sure to tune in to the podcast to find out more about this weeks target and how you can participate in this exciting experiment of your own psychic potential.

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