Vets, Peace, & Psychics

For those of us who served, what does our service mean? How can we use that to create peace? ALSO - Some fascinating results from last weeks remote viewing experiment!

Many pieces are put together in this weeks episode of The Seiker Podcast as Dennis reviews news articles and reflects on his service in the military. As soldiers, Veterans' Day is a time to give thanks to those who served their country. But what does that service mean? How can we use our experience and training to continue to uphold our oath to defend the Constitution, defend the nation from enemies both foreign and domestic, and promote peace in the world?

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Remote Viewing & Consciousness

Dennis explores more possible connections to human consciousness, Hollywood, David Wilcock, and Tom DeLonge's To The Stars Academy and finds a possible explanation for the creation of the entertainment portion of the academy that may be directly connected to our own consciousness and ability to perceive (or create) the mental images necessary for disclosure...

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In the News

Microchips in Brains Could Create False Memories

Homeland Security Warns Weaponized Drones Threaten Airlines

300,000 Year Old Skulls Could Rewrite Human History

Plague Outbreak Feared Out of Control

Enceladus' Ocean is Billions of Years Old & Could Have Life

Dennis Nappi IIAI, Remote Viewing