ESP & the Moon

Ingo Swann once used his remote-viewing talents to observe the moon, and what he saw contradicts everything we've been taught. 

Ingo Swann is considered one of the greatest psychics that ever lived. Responsible for helping create the United States Remote Viewing Program, Ingo was often called to participate in secretive projects. In his book, Penetration, the Question of Extraterrestrial & Human Telepathy, Ingo tells of his participation in a remote viewing project to see the Moon. He found that the moon wasn't a dead, empty wasteland, but instead a hollow satellite with an intelligent civilization. As weird as that sounds, Ingo then found mainstream sources (to include NASA photos) that help support this possibility.

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The Research

In addition to the remote viewing date that Ingo collected, he began pulling research from more traditional sources. Through the analysis of other authors, imagery analysts, and former NASA employees, Ingo compiled a list of numerous anomalies that are strongly suggestive that there is a cover-up in place to hid what may actually be on the moon. Anomalies on NASA moon images, a lack of high-resolution images released to the public, and several other anomalies that don't fit the common story that the moon is a dead rock orbiting our planet.

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What does it all Mean?

Ultimately, Ingo suggests that the Moon is inhabited by an unknown race that has a strong secretive influence over Earth. He suggests that we all have a natural psychic ability that has been systematically oppressed for a very long time. The question is, who are they, what do they want, and why are our psychic abilities being denied? In this episode, Dennis explores Ingos claims and connects dots to other research involving cover-ups, psychic abilities, the Moon, and our own reality.

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