Processing Vegas

The Seiker Podcast, Ep 115:

We recognize that not every tragic event is tied to a conspiracy theory or elaborate ruse of deception. However, history has taught us that such events do happen and involve people in positions of trust. With that said, it is not only our right, but our responsibility, to question everything until we receive transparency in order to understand what happened and begin the healing process.

The recent events in Las Vegas are a horrible tragedy. The event was horrific and chaotic, and as a result, multiple reports presenting multiple scenarios flooded the airwaves. Many of us who weren’t directly immediately began scouring the net for images, videos, and testimony – not through a morbid obsession with tragedy, but out of a desire to learn what was happening. What we found as of this point, is that there are still more questions than answers. As our nation moves towards healing, we are still searching for the answers that seem to elude us for reasons unknown.

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The Questions

Many of us still have unanswered questions, and although the media and officials may have addressed some of them, they still have not provided a thorough explanation. Given the short amount of time that has passed, it’s natural that these answers have not yet been found because the investigation is still ongoing. The public – consumers of news and information – are only getting partial pieces and as a result of that partial feed of information, have come to wonder if there was a second shooter. With videos of flashes from the fourth floor, and not the 32, and reports of other shooters on the ground at the Bellagio, it’s easy to get confused about what actually happened. We also wonder if the shooter had help – did someone else enter his room? Was he planning to escape? In this podcast, Dennis reviews multiple unanswered questions and offers suggestions for truth seekers on what to look for.

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A History of Mistrust

History has taught us that tragic events are sometimes created with the intent to mislead or misdirect the people of a nation. The Pentagon Papers exposed the deception through secrets and the Gulf of Tonkin that was used to lie to the American people and draw us into Vietnam. The hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq did not produce the promised results, yet brought about tremendous loss of life for Americans and Iraqi’s and increased profits for certain government-contracted companies. History has also taught us that sometimes, people just do horrible things and there is no government conspiracy or hidden agenda. During the last election, we were exposed to the lies told by our politicians and the mass deception of not only the mainstream media, but also by the fake news that proliferates and profits through our internet. In addition, there are countless examples of people lying for a variety of reasons (fame, humor, promotion, etc), claiming knowledge of a tragedy but really just making something up for 15 seconds of fame (or clicks). So how can we determine if a deception is at hand? Simply by questioning everything and demanding transparency of those in charge of officially investigating an incident.

In this podcast, Dennis reviews the steps necessary to clarify the confusion and restore trust in those charged with investigating this incident.