To The Stars Academy - Analysis of DeLonge's Announcement

Tom DeLonge has compiled a team of former top-level intelligence professionals and government employees. They have stated that UFOs are real and are not ours. They have told us that hundreds of declassified documents and video will soon be released. What does it all mean???

Tom DeLonge has created the To The Stars Academy – a public company with a goal of changing the world through the release of information and technology related to UFOs. On Tom’s recent announcement, he introduced his team which consisted of several former members of the US intelligence community and Lockheed Martin. During their presentation, Luis Elizonodo, a career counterintelligence agent and former advisor to the Secretary of State, confirmed that “UFOs are real and they aren’t ours.”

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The Release of UFO Information

During DeLonge’s presentation, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Chris Mellon, a member of TTS Academy, discussed the 2004 UFO incident involving the USS Nimitz. Mellon explained that a craft was sighted and tracked on radar and approached by F-18s. Mellon described the maneuvers of this craft and stated that this was a real UFO and it wasn’t ours. He then challenged the press and Congress to investigate this incident in an effort to push disclosure.

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Unanswered Questions

To the Stars Academy has made some incredible promises – promises that could completely change the world. Tom DeLonge has repeatedly stated that he has been shown insider information and plans to release it at an undisclosed point in time. On a recent Facebook post, DeLonge stated “I quietly laugh to my partners at how little people know of what’s coming.” Is Tom trying to gain more investors, or is he really sitting on information that could change the world? If so, why hasn’t he released it yet? Why isn’t the government trying to put a stop to this operation? Why aren’t these former intelligence insiders being labeled whistle blowers or thrown in jail? In this week’s episode of The Seiker Podcast, Dennis explores these questions and several others as he tries to understand the significance of this and future announcements.


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