Predictive Policing - Using AI To See the Future

The Seiker Podcast, Ep 114:

Using AI to analyze crime patterns and identify locations of future crimes, coupled with the military’s goal to build a global neural-network linking all weapons and equipment, and facial recognition to identify political affiliations and sexual orientation could pose a tremendous threat to our society – and it’s happening now.

It seems that once again, the age of science fiction is again becoming a reality. However, this manifestation of futuristic technology does not bring us Jetson-style video watches and flatscreen TVs. Instead we are looking at technology that mirrors hit films such as Minority Report with it’s pre-crime predicting unit, and Skynet with it’s race of killer AI machines.

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AI on the Market

With leaders such as Vladamire Putin and Elon Musk warning against the dangers of AI, we may want to pay attention to their calls. As tech and AI continues to improve, we are now beginning to see the release of this futuristic technology. Police departments are now using algorithms to review crime histories to identify patterns and predict locations of future crimes. This in-it-of itself has shown a significant reduction in crime and could serve as a benefit to society. However, with other elements coming on line, there is definitely means for concern. Facial recognition software is now claiming to be able to identify one’s sexual orientation – something that could prove quite dangerous in the hands of an oppressive regime. In addition, researchers anticipate this software will eventually be able to identify political affiliations and likelihood for criminal activity.

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Using our Own Psychic Tech

Often, technological advancements are based on the natural design found within nature. From aircraft to certain AI computer chips, we see copied designs of nature. With the advancements of AI, we may be facing the risk of becoming completely dependent on the divine guidance of such technology, which would further remove humans from a hidden, yet available source of knowledge and information. We have the ability to develop our own cognitive abilities through the expansion of our consciousness and awareness to match, if not exceed, what AI is learning to do. Through processes such as remote viewing and out of body travel, although it may seem unconventional, we can develop our own abilities to gather information that may serve as an essential countermeasure to combat the dangers posed by AI.

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