Open Thoughts - Dissecting Reality

The Seiker Podcast, Ep 117:

The world seems to be both evolving and falling apart at the same time. Sometimes we need to pause and reflect so we can stay grounded in this matrix of existence.  

In this podcast, Dennis explores a combination of current events, history, technology advancements, conspiracy theories and philosophical wonderings in an attempt to momentarily process the high strangeness of this current reality.

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What is Real?

As we are still trying to understand the events in Vegas, is it possible that the identified shooter is nothing more than a scape goat? With the emergence of another possible character actor on the scene, we have to wonder if this reality is all a mass charade designed to manipulate all of us – or a few of us, or maybe just one of us…

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Unanswered Questions

With the frequency of high-strangeness flooding the airwaves and our everyday lives lately, we sometimes need to unplug in order to ground ourselves and refocus. It’s easy to become confused and overwhelmed. This podcast will dissect this reality a little deeper, and offer suggestions on how to face the challenging decisions that may lie ahead.


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