Subversion - The Enemy Within

The Seiker Podcast, Ep 112:

With the ease of social media and convenience of cell phones, we may have opened the gates for enemy spies to gather information and meddle in our nation's affairs.

In the wake of the most recent presidential election, the term "fake news" has made major headlines. Fake stories have proliferated our data streams, making it incredibly difficult to search for truth. Such stories has caused companies and governments to take steps to target suspected fake news sights, which creates frustrations and cries of free-speech violations.

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Fake News

Recently, a CNN story reported that a group of internet entrepreneurs in Macedonia are preparing an entire onslaught of fake-news stories for America and the world. Their target subject and deadline? The 2020 US Presidential Election. In addition, it has been recently uncovered that a team of Russian computer spies created multiple Facebook groups and organized rallies in the US geared towards anti-immigration and hateful protests.

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Protection from Internet Spies

We need to take better care to protect ourselves and our information. We need to end our involvement with these hidden subversives, and the best way to do that is to disconnect from online groups promoting violence, hatred, and division. America, and the world, is becoming divided. We are fighting amongst ourselves over so many differences that we are failing to see who the real enemy is. Instead of creating a harmonious and peaceful society, we are exposing our weaknesses and leaving ourselves vulnerable for a more-organized authority to step in and take control. The power is still in our hands, but it is slipping through our fingers like sand through the hour glass.

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