Proof of the 6th Sense

The Seiker Podcast, Ep 103:

It’s no longer a myth. The 6th Sense exists, and we all have it. Anyone can learn to use it, and with practice, it gets stronger.

The US military is no stranger to psychic phenomena. In the 1970s, they conducted extensive research into ESP and successfully developed the remote viewing program which still exists in the private sector today. They have demonstrated an ability to train anybody to view events across time and space, but that’s not where they stopped.

Image Credit: Blake Lisk


More recently, in 2014 the Office of Naval Research spent $3.85 million dollars on a study exploring battlefield psychics. They looked at incidents involving intuitive decisions that saved lives. The gut feelings that allowed soldiers to avoid an ambush are actually a result of the use of the sixth sense. The military is currently exploring this and how to find ways to train an implement this sense on the battlefield.

Food for the Archons

This is a subject I have explored extensively in Food for the Archons. What I have learned through multiple sources is that all humans (and most-likely all life) has a sixth sense. We use this sense without realizing it on a daily basis. However, if we can train our perceptions to focus on this sense, it gets stronger. There is so much more we can do with this – communicate psychically; view past, present and future events; and learn anything we can possibly imagine. This will all be explained in greater detail in Food for the Archons. If you have not done so already, please subscribe to The Seiker Newsletter so you can get the latest updates about the coming release!

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