Hidden Camera Experiment - "Most People are Sheep."

A hidden camera study currently circulating the internet demonstrates how easy it is to program human social behavior. 

If you’ve listened to The Seiker Podcast, or read I Am Human, you are familiar with the exploration of external influences over human behavior. In my research, I explore the possibility that a parasite is influencing human behavior to produce fear, sadness, and suffering.

Are We All Sheeple?

Studies like the one shown below demonstrate just how easy it is to influence people to perform specific behaviors. I covered this in one podcast where I reviewed The Milgram Experiment, where studies found that participants in a study were willing to administer a lethal dose of electricity to an innocent participant because they got a question wrong – just because an ‘authority’ told them to do so.

There is hope, thanks to studies regarding Social Coherence and the Maharishi Effect. But such information is being used against us, as demonstrated in The Trump Effect. We need to be aware of the manipulations that are happening all around us. The question is, do you have the courage to break the mold???



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