Ray Davis


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Ray Davis, Founder of the Affirmation Spot, is a writer, thinker, and modern-day philosopher committed to helping people create a positive vision for their individual lives and and the future of humanity.

He is the author of the eBook The Power to Be You and the novel Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation, book one of a coming trilogy.

Lifelong Kansas City residents, Ray and his wife, April, recently took on a new challenge by moving to Boston. They love to travel - especially to Hawaii.

Ray has been writing, recording, and using his own affirmations for more than 25 years.

Combining his extensive studies of personal development and the world's spiritual traditions with his writing ability and background in corporate training and coaching, Ray is a master of providing insight and motivation to other people. He was once dubbed "The Affirmation King of Twitter" by another motivational teacher.

Ray motivates and inspires thousands every day through his social media reach, blog, website, eBooks, and email list.

"I've tasted defeat and I've tasted victory. I believe I have something to share about how we - individually and collectively - can create a happier, more successful world where every single person can live his or her fullest expression and "follow their bliss".

My approach to positive thinking is both spiritual and practical. By that I mean, that I include worthy wisdom and ideas, whatever their source, and I promote the development of both the personal and professional aspects of the individual.

My work and writing is influenced by the famous mythologist Joseph Campbell, well-known motivational teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer, and many others. However, the crux of my passion, purpose, and philosophy is found in my own journey and experience."

Mission Statement

6 Sense Media aims to better ourselves, better each other, and better the world through an open-minded media platform for truth seekers, researchers, and pioneers in pursuit of knowledge and truth. We move beyond the scope of traditional media reporting and also incorporate the data obtained through 6th sense intuitive processes in our overall dissemination of information. We will not shy away from a story because it is unpopular and will boldly cover and promote accounts of a paranormal or supernatural nature.

We will try to find practical and applicable solutions to the problems we uncover. We will not use fear or pressure to promote our findings, but instead will rely on honest, factual-based reporting in search of hope, peace, liberty, and happiness with the objective of enhancing the lives of those whom we come into contact.

Dennis Nappi II


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A former intelligence soldier and police officer turned teacher, Dennis Nappi II holds a Master's Degree in Education with over a decade of experience teaching special education in high-needs schools.

Today, Dennis turns his experience and focus towards uncovering the truth about our society, our reality, and our own humanity. The host of the weekly show "The Seiker Podcast," Dennis aims to make the "paranormal normal and the supernatural natural," by sharing his own experiences, those of his guests, and the information he has compiled form over 2-decades of research. In addition, Dennis is a member of the CryptoViewing team, where he works in conjunction with remote viewers to predict and analyze the future of cryptocurrencies and their impact on the world economy and society.

Dennis recently released his newest book, "I Am Human, Food for the Archons," where he explores the potential of human consciousness to access information from beyond the 5 senses via an electromagnetic field generated by the heart. It is through this field, and humanities ignorance of it, however, that our behaviors, thoughts, and emotions are being influenced and manipulated...

"I believe everyone has a natural ability to access our 6th sense and strengthen our intuition and access to universal knowledge. My hope is to make conversations about our psychic abilities more common and natural so people can be comfortable to practice, make mistakes, and ultimately develop this ability to enhance our own lives, and the lives of those around us. I believe that through the incorporation of psychic practices, we can drastically improve our society through peaceful means." ~Dennis Nappi II