Extremist John Bolton Running Roughshod Over Trump Foreign Policy; Tulsi Takes Them On

John Bolton, based on his participation in planning and unrepentantly defending the Iraq War, should not have be anywhere near real power. Yet, 15 years after coaxing us into one disaster, here’s John Bolton, now Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor, at it again.

Ironically, he’s pushing for the overthrow President Maduro in Venezuela because he leads a “failed Socialist state,” while simultaneously supporting an Islamic Socialist group - Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) - in its dream of overthrowing the Iranian government. This is not surprising considering Bolton types have been supporting Al Queda in Syria in an attempt overthrow Bashar Al Assad at the behest of Benjamin Netanyahu.

This past weekend claims emerged in western media outlets that Iran, like so many other US targets in the past, has decided to become the aggressor and invite US action against it. This is a tired old pattern used to ignite war. Some already taken to calling this the Persian Gulf of Tonkin.

Let’s just be clear, though. Iran will not start this war. It will not be because of some trumped up provocation. It will be because that’s been the plan for a long time.

John Bolton and the other neocon war hawks have wanted to take down Iran since before 9/11. General Wesley Clark spelled this out way back in 2003.

Don’t believe me? Here’s John Bolton at the MEK conference in 2017 promising regime change in Iraq by 2019 back in 2017.

John Bolton skipped the 2018 MEK meeting and let Rudy Guiliani warm up the regime change crowd.

Wait a minute! Is the what you woke up thinking this morning? Did you think that we should give these men the power to invest US lives and treasure in the pursuit of regime change in Iran? MEK is being informed of the plan for the past two years. Why don’t the American people - even their representatives in Congress - get a consult? After all, despite Congressional capitulation in recent decades, the power to declare war lies ONLY in the Congress. It’s not up to any president or his warmongering advisors.

This my Republican, Democrat, and Independent friends , is the sickness of the Military Industrial Complex. To perpetuate itself and it’s share of the national wealth, it must constantly find new enemies to feed the beast.

Is this what you signed up for? It’s not what I signed up for! They don’t even hide it well anymore.

So, as they try to sell you this war and claim that Iran started it, remember John Bolton’s promise two years ago to a Muslim Socialist organization bent on overthrowing the Iranian government.

Donald Trump PROMISED you that he would not engage in regime change wars during the 2016 campaign and now he has people like this guy, Mike Pompeo, and Elliot Abrams running his foreign policy and trying to goad him and us into two more regime change wars.

My open question to Donald Trump is this. Who is running your foreign policy, Mr. President? You or John Bolton?

I’ve made no secret of the fact I’m supporting Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard for president. As an Iraq War veteran and a decent human being, Tulsi is taking on the Military Industrial Complex and the John Boltons of the world at great personal risk and to the unending ridicule of a mainstream media so owned by the Military Industrial Complex that it’s little more than the PR arm for Regime Change, Inc.

Here are a couple of great videos Tulsi has released on the proposed wars in Venezuela and Iran. She pulls no punches in calling out those who need to be called out. The question really comes down to this. Will you side with those prescribe perpetual war or are you ready for REAL CHANGE?

Who the hell have become? Is this who you want America to be? Are we to be the world’s police man or worse yet just an overgrown belligerent bully dispensing prairie justice whenever and how ever we see fit? Why does the mainstream media and the Democratic establishment attack Gabbard for taking on these forces unless they are in bed with them?

Why are Nanci Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, and Washington Post attacking Tulsi and supporting the warmongers? I think the answer is clear.

Some still argue that the Military Industrial Complex and its vast control over our media and political dialogue is a conspiracy theory. If so, it was begun by that well-known conspiracy theorist President and Five Star General of the Army Dwight Eisenhower in 1961.

9/11 has been twisted by those who profit from war to justify perpetual and unchecked war. We’ve watched now as three presidents from both parties - supposedly occupying different ideological spaces - have all pursued unbridled and unaccountable war for a generation because of that day. We’ve watched as these supposedly opposing sides have checked on nation after the next off Wesley Clark’s list.

Where will it end? The answer is it won’t unless we elect leaders committed to changing it. It won’t unless we call bull shit on weak attempts to ignite a conflict and blame it on the other side like we saw this past weekend. It won’t as long as we allow people like John Bolton to have power.

Frankly, if Congressional Democrats wanted to to do something good for the country, they’d stop with the Russia nonsense and work on getting John Bolton out before he does real damage. I’m not holding my breath because the Democratic leadership doesn’t have that much character.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media