Shouldn't We Be Going Beyond our Five Senses?

Question everything at least once.


Being your best self is not all about answers any other human being can give you. It’s more than life tips and bullet-pointed strategies for self-improvement. Sometimes, you must go spelunking in the cave of unknowing. You must question and not just the things that are easily questioned, but some of your deepest assumptions.

One of the great limiters for human beings is the massive assumption that our five senses give us a complete and accurate picture of the reality we inhabit. So pervasive is this assumption, that many people never question it for a second. It’s taken as a given that only what we can see, hear, smell, taste, and feel is real. That assumption limits our options for understanding who we are and what we’re capable of.

Even a cursory look into the subject quickly reveals that our five senses are a pretty poor way to ascertain reality. Dogs can hear things, cats can see things, bears can smell things well beyond our capabilities. That alone lets us know there are degrees of reality beyond our senses. Yet, we are highly clever and we have developed devices that can extend our senses.

Still, the questions remain. To what degree, do even our most advanced tools illuminate our reality? Are we working with a 90 percent understanding or a .01 percent understanding? How do our biases toward our five senses even inform the tools we create to detect reality?

Without answers to these questions, we should be cautious about placing all our eggs in the limiting basket of the five senses. They have limits and we don’t know how limited they are.

Power hack: How does questioning this move you forward in your personal development? Who you believe you are and what you believe you’re capable of is informed by a whole host of assumptions – this being among the biggest.

Many theories and spiritual traditions suggest we may have access to a higher knowing and a deeper connection to reality than this physical world and our onboard detectors. Meditation, prayer, and even certain substances are said to offer doorways beyond these light-reflecting forms. If true, reality and we may be far more profound than our senses tell us.

We should not discount that very real possibility in assessing the meaning of our existence or our capabilities.

Think deeply, my friend!